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Mastectomy and Port Pillow Set

Mastectomy and Port Pillow Set


Most of my clients utilize this pad for an Entire MONTH or more! 

Safeguards Chest Region, lessening pain by 60-90% 

Adding comfort to Underarm Inconvenience and riding in a car using seat belts

Assists you with resting on your back easily and securely 

Optional Pocket for Phone or medications, hot or cold pack 

The best Breast Cancer gift you could give 

Use for Single or Double Mastectomy, and Stomach or Heart Surgery 
Our Wonder Woman print comes without a pocket. 

This chest pillow* is an unquestionable requirement for any bosom, a medical procedure like a lumpectomy, mastectomy or recreation. Delicate and gives underarm solace, while supporting and safeguarding the chest. Extraordinary for the whole mending process. Makes all the difference for the ride home from the medical clinic, to shield delicate regions from the safety belt. Ideal for use while resting as well! We recommend buying this pad before your medical procedure and taking it to the emergency clinic with you. Produced using an exceptionally delicate Cotton and is launderable! Recuperate serenely with this chest cushion. 


The ideal gift to send her. A gift of comfort!!!! 

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