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CBD Balms

CBD Balms


Don't have time to stop moving because of aches and pains? Our Calendula infused CBD Balm/Salve with 4000MG of Full Spectrum Hemp Isloate. Simply apply a small amount on fingers, and rub onto area of pain. Great for over worked muscles, tired muscles, backaches.  It helps to relieve your stress and anxieties, helps with acne, rash, and eczema.  Our CBD Balm/Salve is great for any gift giving or for anyone suffering from aches and pain.  "Treat yourself Daily". Lloaded with all vegan butters and oils making it safe to use daily.  Net wt. 2.8 oz.

  • Keep in a cool Place

    Due to the Vegan butters and oils please keep in a cool place.  Product will melt if left in heat or a warm area. 

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